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Relocating to Brampton

Brampton is one of the world’s most exciting multicultural cities, offering trails, festivals and style. Famous for its diverse culture and lively nightlife, the city offers cultural attractions, tantalizing menus , and family friendly atmosphere. Enjoy quaint boutiques to enhance your shopping experience. Brampton is made up of many distinct localities, each offering a unique and comfortable community with all the major amenities at your fingertips. In 2018, Brampton City Council also launched the ambitious Brampton 2040 project.

Comprising free transit that loops around the whole city, a unified green network connecting every ravine and park, as well as a vibrant, developed “Uptown”, Brampton 2040 showcases a city with great potential, and one that will become even more connected and inclusive in the years to come.

Brampton City Features

There are many sites of interest within Brampton including, but not limited to Gage Park, Artway Gallery, Beaux Arts Brampton, CAA Centre, Camp Naivelt, Chinguacousy Park-Greenhouse and gardens, Mount Chinguacousy, Claireville Conservation Area, Great War Flying Museum, Heart Lake Conservation Area, Brampton Historical Society, Historic Bovaird House, Korean War Memorial Wall, Ontario Field of Honour, Peel Art Gallery, Professor’s Lake, Rose Theatre, Lester B. Pearson Theatre, South Fletchers Sportsplex, and Wet’n’Wild Toronto.

Brampton is home to one of just two Canadian teams who play in the ECHL, mid-level professional ice hockey league professional sports franchise. The Brampton Beast play at the CAA Centre.

  • Tell them early. As soon as the decision has been made, tell your family. This is one of the most-asked questions by kids when moving news is announced: when did you decide this? Letting them know that they are the first people to hear of your decision will provide some assurance that they matter.
  • Hold a family meeting. Ask everyone to stay at the kitchen table after dinner, or turn off the television and hold it in your family room. Just make sure all members are present.
  • Set ground rules. If you’ve never held a family meeting, set some ground rules, rules that everyone can agree to. Do this at the beginning of the meeting and write down the rules where they are clearly visible. Encourage everyone to add their suggestions then come to a consensus.
  • Remain open. Allow your children to express themselves. Let them ask questions.
  • Give them as much information as they need. During your discussion with your children, make sure you let them know the general details of your move, including where, when, why and how.
  • The meeting is about them. Give them time to absorb the news and to ask questions if they choose to. Answer the questions honestly. Open up the discussion and allow for dialogue amongst all family members
  • Reassure them. Tell your children that you’re all in this together, that the move will be something that they all work together for, that you’ll need their help.
  • Be positive. Tell your children the good things that will come from this move, and why it will be better for the entire family. Give them the advantages to moving. Be positive, but also realistic.

There are few events in life more demanding than preparing for a move. The happy anticipation of living in your new home can be squelched when you begin to consider the effort of packing your grandmother’s china or your rare record collection. But take heart: the initial anxiety can be significantly relieved when you follow a few simple steps.

First, plan ahead – way ahead. Careful planning can make the difference between a chaotic moving day and an organized, easy transition when the moving van arrives. Check and re-confirm the scheduled closing date. Make a list of all records that need to be transferred and utility companies that must be notified. Take a long hard look at your possessions and then weed out everything you haven’t used in over a year. Next, have that obligatory garage sale which offers the double bonus of relieving you of more objects to pack and giving you cash to cover last-minute minor expenses. Remember that you’re paying someone to carry away everything you choose not to take with you. Finally, make it fun. A moving party gives everyone an excuse to spend time with you while helping you prepare.

If you are moving to Brampton with children who are of a school-going age then you’ll want to know about the education system in the city. The good news on this front is that Brampton is home to a wide range of quality public elementary and secondary schools. The Peel District School Board has 220 dynamic and innovative schools serving over 140,000 students in the region of Peel for the communities of Mississauga, Brampton, and Caledon. 

In addition, there are a range of schools that incorporate education in the French language for those who wish to educate their children en français. Similarly, a number of private school boards in Brampton are dedicated to teaching with the aid of a specific religious doctrine. 

Furthermore, the Sheridan Institute is Canada’s Premier Polytechnic Institute and is located locally. Sheridan is known internationally for its classical and computer animation programs. While the Algoma University offers unique accelerated degree programs in Computer Science & Business Administration (Honors) that can be completed in one year. It also offers programs to help upgrade College Diplomas to University degrees. The programs are offered at Sheridan College Davis Campus.

Statistics say that the number one reason why people move is for a job or to start a new career. Often, the decision to move doesn’t really feel like a choice as companies order the transfer or prospects are more favorable in another city. The move may be better for you, but what about your family? Telling family members that it’s time to move can be a difficult discussion to have, so including them early on in the decision is a good idea.